Monday, May 26, 2014

May 25, 2014 - Back in Belize

We arrived safely with our family in Belize City last Sunday, May 18.  We were able to meet with physicians on the 18th, and the A&E staff at Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, as well as the BERT (Belize Emergency Response Team) staff on the 19th.  Since we have been in San Pedro, I had the opportunity to speak to the freshman classes at San Pedro High School about STD's and abstinence and Mark and two of our sons spoke to a group of at-risk youth at the High School about Substance Abuse.
  We've made contact with some of the former VoTech students who live in San Pedro.  They are all working long hours but are thankfully, gainfully employed!  Growing older-yikes!

Today and tomorrow our family heads back to the US and Mark and I will go back to the mainland.  Bob  arrives tomorrow afternoon to finish the EMT training in Spanish Lookout that Pat  started earlier in May.  Joy, MD, is also in-country.  She will attend a meeting with us on Tuesday at the Ministry of Health, and perhaps another meeting at KHMH on Wednesday.  We plan to help Bob  with EMT training as needed.

Many thanks for your prayers!  Please continue to lift up everyone as we travel into and about the country.  Pray for effective teaching and communication with everyone!  Blessings, Moira

Thursday, January 23, 2014

In the news...

Click on the link below to see a story of the team in the news in Belize:

Safe Arrival

Dearest friends and family,
           All of us arrived back in the US safely.  Many, many thanks for your prayers for us.  We completed very good days of trainings with KHMH A&E staff and the BERT staff.
           On Thursday evening, our last night in Belize, the KHMH administration treated the Core Group and the US team to a Farewell Dinner at Old Belize.  We had the opportunity to talk informally with our Belizean cohorts.  On Friday morning, prior to our departure,  Mark and I met with the KHMH administrators again to discuss "next steps".  We all believe that much was accomplished during the days of trainings.  
           The next MCW team should travel to Belize in May.  Please continue to lift up these efforts in prayer.  We look forward to seeing much growth in the Emergency Medical Services in Belize.
            Blessings, Moira Bruce (team leader)